students who work while attending school are becoming common in recent years. Having
part-time employments is routinely accepted over the last few decades.

University students want to take part time employments for many different
reasons. Some people might say that balancing work and school can be difficult,
but it can certainly be achieved. Additionally, part time employments can bring
students many positive benefits such as having financial security, getting a
new experience, and learning office decorum. However, university students do
not know the negative consequences behind part time employments: effect on academic
organization, mental problem, and the breaking down of relationships. These
disadvantages are much greater than the advantages, and lead to this
conclusion: university students should not have part time employments.

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taking part time employments technically contribute to student neglecting
studies. Obviously if you spend some hours on working, you automatically lose
some hours to study. In addition, some students who have part time employments have many schoolwork and many off
campus activities including circle activities. Balancing all of activities can
easily make students exhausted. As a result, many students skip classes and
sleep to rest their body. Even though studying should be the highest priority
for students, studying is becoming least priority for some students. Therefore
it can clearly be said that part time employments are nothing short of the bad
influence for students for focuses on studies. Although there are some students
who would not fail to pass all courses and balance both work and study while
attending university, there is a high possibility that they can do way better
on academic works if they have more time on studying.

having part time employments is actually raising the problem of
causing mental health issues. University students are yet children and are
still sensitive with new experience. Especially for freshmen students, being
surrounded by new environment and new people as well as having part time employments is very difficult to get used to. According
to a mental health report published in 2016, one in six workers in U.K. have
experienced some mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, or depression
at workplace. It means that students may have the job stress as well. Another
point to mention is that although part time employments are one of the best ways to gain
real-work experience, not a lot of students take up jobs for this reason.

Instead, the real purpose for students to work is may be to earn money for
their luxury. Furthermore, if they do not study at university even though they
desired to get accepted to university when they were high school students, it
is waste of money.

taking part time employments tie university students down for
many hours. University life provides students many opportunities to interact
with people. Apparently, because university gives students longer break than
what they were used to have at high school, they usually have more time on
doing what they want to do. Some people may go on a trip and other people may
go to their favorite music concerts. Nonetheless, some students lose the
opportunities to do something luxury because of part time employments. Therefore taking on a job for this
reason will be unsuccessful. Even if someone invites you to hang out but you
already scheduled to work, you will technically lose opportunity to interact
with people. Seeing others having fun and yourself being tied down for long
hours by part time employments is very stressful. Moreover, not
only reducing opportunity to do luxurious activities, part time employments also reduce time to spend time with
family. Normally, workers stay at home during the weekend so weekend is the
time for fathers or mother to spend time with children. However,
some students work in the weekend while other family members stays at home.

Thus, parents will have less time spending time and communicating with
children. Less interaction between parents and children will possibly make
family tie a weak one. To sum up, the three reasons mentioned above lead
conclusions that taking on part time employments is not recommended to
university students.

it may seem that part time employments can provide advantages too.  Some people say that university students
spend more money than they used to in high school so having financial security
seems very helpful for students. In addition, getting a new experience and
learning office decorum are one of the two biggest attractions. From
new experiences, students can understand responsibility that comes with part
time employments and apply it and the knowledge of office decorum to the future
employers after university. But in spite of this, the negative affects of part
time employments are still not worth these benefits. Firstly, because they work
hard to have financial security, they tend to make their first priority
spending money for fun, not studying. Secondly, the real-work experience that
students can gain from their part time employment cannot be used for their jobs
that they would like to take after graduating university. For an example, there
is a statistic showing that the popular kinds of part-time employments are
working at convenience stores, cafes, or Izakaya (Japanese-style drinking
place). On the other hands, there is another statistic indicating that the top
three popular companies for university students to apply for after graduating
university are: Mizuho Financial Group Inc., The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ,
and All Nippon Airways (ANA). These statistics show us the jobs that university
students would want to be hired after university may not be the same kind of
jobs as part time jobs. Therefore, although university students can gain
real-work experience from their part time jobs, it may be used as much for
their jobs after university. In other words, having real-work experience while
they are students does not automatically mean that they can succeed in jobs in
the future. Moreover, as mentioned before, being surrounded by new experience
is more stressful than students would expect. Getting stress disturbs students
to focus on studies, unfortunately. Eventually, students should not work to
prevent this problem.


conclusion, university students should not have part time employments because
firstly they may have lack of time management skills for studying, working, and
sometimes for other stuff such as off-campus activities or family time.

Moreover students tend to neglect studying since they are very tired from
working and not a big fan of studying. Secondly they may have mental health issues.

Getting used to work place possibly provide students stress. Lastly, students
may break down relationships with families and friends since part time jobs
take time from students to interact with friends and families. Since university
students who have part time employments can easily have these three
problems, it is strongly recommended for university students not to take in
part time employments. To make university life better and
use time of university efficiently and effectively, it is better for university
students to not to take on part time employments.