There seems to
be a lot of evidence in citations in language theories and facts relating to
language existence in context. For instance, Chomsky’s behaviourist concept of
a thinking mind in his linguistic, single-culture based theory describes
competence as a: ‘Linguistic theory is concerned primarily with an ideal
speaker-listener, in a completely homogeneous speech-communication, who know
its language perfectly and is unaffected by such grammatically irrelevant
conditions as memory limitations, distractions, shifts of attention and
interest, and errors in applying his knowledge of this language in actual
performance. (Chomsky, 1965). Contrary to Chomsky, Hymes (1971), from his
cognitive point of view claims that social context is a vital aspect of
language input that impacts early language learning and reviews Chomsky’s linguistic
competence as lacking consideration of the most important linguistic ability of
being able to produce and comprehend utterances which are appropriate to the
context in which they are made. In Bakhtin’s theory of utterance the target
language doesn’t function as a new cryptograph, but in social situated contexts
words are non-neutral “All words have the ‘taste’ of a profession, a genre, a
tendency, a party, a particular work, a particular person, a generation, an age
group, the day and hour. Each word tastes of the context and contexts in which
it has lived its socially charged life.” Bakhtin (1981).

Some of these
theories highlight the fact that language learning depends on context, that is
‘situated’ and that new information can only be grasped when a connection is
made to existing knowledge structures. Furthermore, language learning involves
a process of making associations, reorganising unrelated portions of knowledge
and experience into new integrated rules. As learning also involves making new
meanings which are generally expressed through verbal communication, students build
up new experiences on to what they already know. Indeed, many critical voices
have been raised at Chomsky for ignoring how real people use language in real

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Tony McEnery
and Andrew Wilson claim that rationalist theories actively seek to make a claim
that represents how language processing is actually undertaken and from various
examples shared on the tutor forum are influenced by social context and also
since Svetlana has been working in her non-original social context, she now
fully participates in a speech of your community.