this age, where almost everything is being computerized and automated,
companies are bringing out new software and technologies that shift the manual
process of conducting HR functions into an automated one. Here, we list down a
few softwares that help companies carry out their HR functions.

known as Fairsail HRIS, it is a cloud-based Human Capital Management solution
which was designed to speed up and simplify workforce management.  It covers all the HR core needs, such as people
management, compensation, benefits, payroll, talent acquisition, talent
management and HR planning. It also offers a high level of customization.

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app is suitable for small to medium sized businesses.  GoCo is an all-in-one HR platform.  HR functions require a lot of paperwork and has transformed all these processes into a service that is easy to
use. provides free service to
all its customers.

is a talent-acquisition platform through the communication firepower of Skype.
This platform captures video and uses artificial intelligence to give the
employer more insight into candidates. It removes steps like resume reviews,
phone screens and traditional assessments from the recruiting process.  Some of HireVue’s customers are
Tiffany., Intel, Vodafone, Nike, Mercedes-Benz.


This software can be used by both
employees and managers to increase productivity and efficiency. It includes HR,
payroll and time and attendance. Employees can review their schedules, submit
time off requests and check historical pay statements among other things.
Managers can streamline HR tasks through checklists, approve time off requests
and see who is in or out.


People offers end-to-end HR solutions from onboarding to termination. Through
this software, employees can update their own data and enable managers to
conduct all HR activities from a single location. The key features of Zoho
People are: Payslip generation, travel management, benefits administration and
performance appraisal cycle.

website that aims at ensuring that organizations value their employees, FOND is
essentially an employee-rewards program website and features reward packages
and perks like gym membership.  They also
provide anonymous employee engagement surveys to their client’s employee to
encourage honest feedback.


HR automates most of the tedious HR functions. It provides companies with a HRIS
which also includes an applicant tracking system and other tools that manage
all aspects of the employee lifecycle. The Bamboo HR app includes the entire
phone directory of your company along with their other important information.


Talent Space offers tools to streamline talent management activities. A learning
and development module helps in designing interactive training programs. It
also helps in succession planning and performance management.


software includes automated payroll, benefits management, time-off tracking,
employee onboarding and compliance. The feature that makes it excellent is that
the clients are also advised by experts on various areas. These experts help
solve the company’s problem and enable them to function smoothly.

workplace is filled with legal problems and cases throughout its lifetime and
handling these complaints is a long and tedious job. I-sight software
simplifies this process by conducting complete investigation and streamlines
the investigation workflow. I-sight case management software helps companies to
track, manage and report human resources issues ensuring that nothing falls