Dear Disney, why did you kill one of my favorite movies? Rian Johnson, the new director and writer of the latest Star Wars picture has once again failed to impress fans. He has however, attracted a new audience: kids. In fact, the movie represents a translation between the original story and Disney. Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, the interstellar saga that conquered the world has commenced its downfall. The plot picks up at the end of episode VII, “”The Force Awakens.” Once again, The Dark Force engages in battle with the “Resistance”. Jedis represent the only salvation for the universe. Luke Skywalker trains Ray, the protagonist of this new trilogy, and develops her newly discovered powers. Simultaneously, Kylo Ren grows stronger but is torn apart between his origins and his inner dark side. The picture truly feels like a child-friendly revistation of the episodes of the original series.The movie seems designed (to win awards and) to break box offices. Mythical creatures designed to catch kid’s eyes are introduced. So much so that it gives a feeling of a “marketing imposed” decision. Perhaps those funny creatures would look better in a kid’s bedroom rather than on the screen. The movie has acquired a witty tone and long (152 min). It begins with a humorous and provoking conversation between The First Order and Poe Dameron. The scene sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The battle between “the good” and “the evil” is a trademark of Star Wars movies. This said, George Lucas always managed to create interesting and unexpected plots. Johnson failed to do so. He turned a sci-fi fantasy picture into “an adventurous journey in outer space.” As a matter of fact, some shots on Skellig Michael Island, reminded me of Indian Jones. Perhaps he should have given more space to originals characters such as — instead of focusing on new ones. However, fans will be happy to see that last segments of film with Carrie Fisher (1956-2016), General Leila Organa. The movie focuses on the development of two characters, Kylo Ren and Ray, providing further context to their blurry past. They have opposite personalities yet reveal themselves to be very similar. However, Kylo’s role is harder as he has to compete with Anakin Skywalker. Nevertheless, Adam Driver interpreted it brilliantly. Unfortunately, his performance does not save the rest of the movie. How does it sell so well then? I suppose the overall picture can be described as “aesthetically pleasing”. The makeup (e.g. Supreme Leader Snoke) and the costumes are expecional. Natural sceneries, that recall the location of The Lord of The Rings, are intervalled by special effects and plenty of action scenes. Longer scenes make the film easier to understand and suitable for a younger audience.The Last Jedi won’t make much sense without first seeing the previous movies, especially Episode VII. Original fans, be prepared for a different version of Star Wars. The picture has definitely taken a different direction. Who knows what will happen in the final two spin-off films…. something related to disney or gl tipo battuta