Cleopatra was one of the most intelligent and
beautifulest queens of ancient Egypt. She did stop  being queen
at one point but Julius Caeser helped her regain her throne, so
Cleopatra ruled once more. Her first affair on one hand was Julius Ceaser they
fell in deep love they had a son named Caesarion. Cleo and her son went to Rome
with Julius  and lived in his villa for a while. When Julius was
murdered she quickly fled from Rome and went back to Egypt.  Was she
an accomplish to his murder? How know but we know that she went as
soon as he was killed.


You would think their son was going to be the ruler of Rome, but he
wasn’t it was his nephew. Because in Julius’ will he was his adopted heir. His
name was Octavianus, Octavianus, Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus wanted to hunt
down Julius’ killers and kill them, cleopatra and her beloved son stayed far
away from Rome and all this maybe because she was hiding from the fact that she
killed him but there is no historical evidence showing that she killed

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So when Julius died and the new Roman ruler, ruled Mark Antony came
along. Mark and Cleo were lovebirds and then soon later became lovers. She
could have been using him to cover up the murder. Cleopatra was a trickster but
a very good queen, she might have done all them bad things for her kingdom, who
knows. But Mark and Cleopatra became one. She must have loved him  if they
went to Rome and then come back to Egypt and used suicide together.

King tutankhamun is very interesting to look at because his death was
very weird because it was a broken and infectied leg! Crazy now a days but back
then it was a matter of life and death. He died at the age of nineteen or
twenty but any way he was young.

Well king tut had a leg broken and infectied before his death that’s
what they thought happened then, but now using technology scientists and
historians now know he did have a broken and infectided leg but that was weeks
before he died it helped him die quicker but he was assasenated by a blow on


King tut has a lot of names but one is the boy king he is called
that because he became king at a very young age there is no existing evidence
that I could find apointing how old he was when he really became king. He was
crowned when Ay shouted after his father died ‘LORD OF THE LAND!’ Then he
became king. 

King tuts mum is the unknown younger lady a lot of evidence points Queen
Nefertiti. But it might not be because this women was found in a unidentyfied
tomb lying next to two other unclothed and Queen Nefertiti has never been
founded. Was she the younger lady?

                                             In every royal family
they like to keep together and by that I mean getting married to your sister.
King Tutankhanmun married his sister.  Who before married her uncle. She
is identyifyed to be his half sister because they share the same father but her
mother is Nefertiti. And as you know king tuts mother is the younger lady who
might be nefertiti.